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A Rare Chinese Liao or XiXia Jade Bangle with Horses – circa 1000 AC 辽或西夏 马纹玉镯

  • This rare antique Chinese jade bangle is likely from theChinese Liao or Xixia period, which was about 1000 AC. The jade stone with dark spots are typical of that period, which jade material is hard to find today. The bangle is decorated with eight horses and some characters. The characters looks like ancient Chinese but can not be read. Liao and XiXia used characters, which looked like Chinese, but were not the Chinese we know. The horses were walking, running, rolling… The cutting techniques used were simple but the horses are full of life and energy. Great patina. This bangle is in good antique condition with no chip or break or restoration. Any jade from these two dynasties are very rare and hard to find.
  • Size: 8.5 cm outside diameter, 6.14 cm inside diameter.
  • Provenance: from a Philadelphia collector