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Jade Bi A (2)

A Rare Chinese Jade Bi with Phoenix and Dragon – 18th Century 十八世纪 龙凤呈祥 谷纹玉璧

  • The bi is a type of circular ancient Chinese jade artifact. The earliest bi were produced in the Neolithic period. A bi is a flat jade disc with a circular hole in the centre. As laboriously crafted objects, they testify to the concentration of power and resources in the hands of a small elite. Later traditions associate the bi with heaven, and the cong with the earth. Bi disks are consistently found with heaven and earth-like imagery, suggesting that the disk’s circular shape also bears symbolic significance. Jade, like bi disks, has been used throughout Chinese history to indicate an individual of moral quality, and has also served as an important symbol of rank. The elite society  had been making the jade Bi disk in almost every dynasty throughout the Chinese history. The jade Bi disk with both Dragon and Phoenix are rare. We all know the meaning of Dragon. Phoenix in Chinese is called Fenghuang. The fenghuang has very positive connotations. It is a symbol of high virtue and grace. The fenghuang and dragon together also symbolizes the union of yin and yang. The Chinese also considered the dragon-and-phoenix design symbolic of blissful relations between husband and wife, another common yang and yin metaphor.
  • A custom made display stand (as shown in photos) is included.
  • Condition: In very good antique condition with normal age wear.
  • Size:  diameter
  • Provenance: From a private New York Collection